Friday, July 6, 2012

Busy Book

I made this quiet book/busy book last year when Z was about 18 months old and we were going to travel to India sans hubby for the first time. I love the fact that it cost me next to nothing while sewing this up. The cover's made of soft denim from an old skirt of mine and the fabric for the pages came from my husband's old shirt. I used thin interfacing to give strength to the pages and cut out squares from an old fleece blanket to use as batting between 2 pages.

touchy feely page..the bunny patch came from Z's old minky nightsuit to which I sewed on bells, 1 pair on each hand. I first sewed on the ribbon tags, then started with the circle. I stuffed it with a bit of polyfil batting before sewing it up completely.

colour wheel and animal search pages

The colour wheel page was inspired by the colours page made by servingpinklemonade. I didn't have any brads so I used the snaps from Z's old onesie and sewed them on . The best part that the white part of the wheel can rotate on the snaps. This page was good for review of colours and some fingerplay as well.

 I got the idea for the animal search from littlehandsbigwork but used button pins instead of buttons. Basically, the animals lined up at the top have a matching counterpart in the 'grass' below and you have to look for it.

What's in the pocket and buckle pages

counting and zipper pages

Put the dolly to sleep  page

I love this little felt doll in a kimono. The doll's pattern can be found  here and the kimono's pattern will be here. Z loves putting the doll in and out the quilt too.