Monday, March 18, 2013

Striped and Plain (With free printable)

Z and I have been enjoying A Mother For Choco almost every night for the last 2 months. The first time we read it though, we came across the mention of striped feet and I wasn't sure if she understood the concept of striped so I decided to set up an activity for her ( I love how Montessori encourages you to recognize and make use of any learning opportunity!)

I took an index card and cut it into half, then drew stripes with a marker on the blank side of one half and left the other half blank. I then did a quick 3 period lesson on striped and plain with Z.

The next day while Z was at school, I quickly collected a few item from around the house for her to sort, I also got some cards ready for her to sort.

If you would like the printable please click here

(Please Note: Unless otherwise stated, all images used in the printable are public domain, mostly taken from Wikimedia Commons. Please do not host this file on your website , if you'd like to share this file please link back to this blogpost and not directly to the pdf. Thanks!)

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY Touch Boards

I recently made some sensorial touch boards for Z

The first one is a rough and smooth board. I had found a rectangular piece of plywood at a craft store a few months ago and decided to use that. I stuck sandpaper on one half of the board but couldn't leave the other side as is since it was grainy , so I used what I had on hand and first stuck brown paper and then contact paper

The second board comprises of alternating rough and smooth strips. I had the carpenter cut out a piece of laminated chipboard to the same measurement as the plywood piece used before, then stuck 4 strips of the same grade of sandpaper at equal distances

The third board has 4 strips of sandpaper and they vary in gradation so that it's roughest at the top and smoothest at the bottom.