Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fabric Box

Z is 2 years 8 months old

I finally finished making my fabric box last week. I purchased the wooden box from Jarir and made 6 pairs of matching fabric squares of different textures. All of the fabric came from my stash

There's fleece, satin, terry cloth, minky, a synthetic wrinkly fabric (the brown one) and corduroy. Right now, Z just likes to open the box and feel the different textures, usually by rubbing the square against her cheek. Since she's still averse to letting anything be draped across her eyes, ( she absolutely hates it and starts panicking when I try to build a tent with a bedsheet with both of us under it ) blindfolding her to match the squares is out of the question right now. However, it's too easy for her to match the squares just by looking at them.

That gave me another idea. I took some old pairs of jeans and cut out 2 rectangles from each to make a matching activity for her.

Except for the brown ones, the denim pieces differ only slightly in terms of texture and look almost alike. This was a bit of a challenge for Z, and she did match a few incorrectly at first, but then corrected herself at the end. Now I need to go and find some more pairs of old jeans to make more of these!

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