Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colour Tablets

Here are the colour 'tablets' that I made for Z a few months ago when I had just started researching  the Montessori method and is the first Montessori material that I attempted to make. It's very basic and I only had to use 2 materials.

Thick Cardstock and Sticker Pad

The sticker pad is basically a pad containing glossy adhesive sheets of different colours.

I cut the cards to 4 x 2.75  inches and the adhesive sheets to 3 x 2.75 inches, simply peeled off the sheet and stuck it on the cardstock while leaving half an inch on the edges of the long side. I didn't need to laminate it since the cardstock is quite thick and the glue on the sheet is quite strong as well. It has been handled many times as of yet without any damage. The pad didn't have white, purple, brown, and grey sheets, so I guess I will have to use construction paper instead.

When I first made these and laid them out in front of Z 3 months ago, she instantly knew what to do and matched them all up correctly. So far she knows and can name the colours green, orange, red and yellow and can point out blue and pink.

Z grabbed the cards while I was photographing the cards today and started laying them out side by side albeit not in matching pairs.

Makes me want to go and buy colour box 3 so that we can make a colour tablet snake together!

 Montessori Monday

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