Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Potty Training Jumpstart

Z is 2 years 7 months

After several unsuccessful attempts, Z finally got the hang of holding her pee till we go to the bathroom and I put her on the seat. Of course there were a couple of accidents and of course I had to keep reminding her that she wasn't wearing her 'Pampers' and that she had to tell me when she wanted to go, but she fared well overall. In celebration, she got to wear brand new underwear I had bought a couple of weeks ago. It has small hearts all over it. She loved it and kept going to the full length mirror to pick her skirt up and look at the hearts!

So continuing the theme of hearts, I set out a sorting activity for her.

I found the pretty ice cube tray at a 2 riyal shop last week and knew instantly what I was going to use it for, the tray's from IKEA and the beads come from a necklace that I bought intentionally for getting the beads out, again from a 2 riyal shop.

How it went: Did I mention Z loves hearts? She instantly took to the activity and started sorting the hearts into different colours (while matching them with the hearts on her knicker as well : ) ) I placed the tissue beneath the hearts to prevent them from dancing around the bowl, got this idea from Chasing Cheerios (Sorry I couldn't find the exact link) It was a bit tricky for her at first since the beads are smooth and kept slipping off, but she eventually did figure out to hold the beads by their edges.

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  1. She's too cute, masha'Allah!! And masha'Allah 3layki too, for being so smart about picking up on her current excitement and transferring it over into "school" activities :)